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Groundbreaking  ceremony  at  DuPont  de  Nemours  in  Contern,  Luxemburg

Vigians announces its subsidiary Van Dam B.V. has been awarded a multi-million euro contract for the supply of a Spin Cell Assembly for DuPont de Nemours in Luxemburg.

The DuPont Spin Cell Module is part of a new production facility where DuPont will produce Tyvek® material.

Over the last year, Vigians, through its Van Dam subsidiary, has been in extensive project discussions with DuPont and KBR for the supply of all materials required for the Spin Cell Module. Van Dam benefited from its prior experience as the company has supplied a similar project to DuPont in 1994.

The project is being managed from the Van Dam headquarters in the Netherlands and the scope of supply consist of various products including doors and walls.

Van Dam will work with KBR and DuPont on this prestigious project. Work has already started and expected duration is 18 months.

This new contract represents a significant Van Dam award in petrochemicals and a first sign of potential rebound in Van Dam activity