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Groupe Gorgé unveils Vigians, the new brand identity of the Protection of High-Risk Installations division.

Groupe Gorgé (Euronext: GOE) today unveils Vigians, the new brand identity of the Protection of High-Risk Installations division. In continuation of the strengthening of Groupe Gorgé as a major player in the safety of people and property, with the end-2016 merger between the Industrial Projects & Services and Protection in Nuclear Environments divisions, this announcement represents a major milestone in the division's development and highlights its industrial and operational strengthening achieved in 2017.
This new step unites and strengthens the division around a brand that embodies its full range of expertise and drives its ambition in France and abroad: becoming a top player in the design, installation and maintenance of production optimisation and protection systems. The Vigians brand strategy focuses in particular on developing new comprehensive and innovative offers for its clients. Vigians also strives to unite all its employees around shared values and to build a strong employer brand to attract and retain its talent.

The new brand identity is based on pillars valued by Groupe Gorgé: the engineering of proposed solutions, client relations and the sense of service.

The Vigians identity: a name that expresses strength and dynamism (from the Latin vigor: vigour, strength, energy). A name that also calls to mind the vigilance specific to a division focused on protection activities and with a strong client-oriented culture.

The Vigians logo represents both the outlines of a protective fortress and the precision of a target. Outward-looking and modular, it symbolises the alliance between the companies forming the division, as well as the division's constant desire to innovate and build tailored solutions to meet the new requirements of its clients.

A corporate signature: Smarter & Safer. The signature proclaims the promise made to its clients: helping them to reconcile protection and productivity in increasingly hostile environments and within an increasingly restrictive regulatory framework.
A dedicated website will be available in January 2018.

On this occasion, Rodolphe Bassi, Chief Executive Officer of Vigians, said: "The Groupe Gorgé Protection of High-Risk Installations division is now entering a new era, which builds on its transformation into a global player in protection and productivity. We are constantly innovating to offer the best products and services, and to broaden the scope of possibilities for our clients and employees. The Vigians brand strategy expresses our identity, based on our ingenuity and entrepreneurial culture".